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A bit of history

A bit of history

MC Bed is a leading bed manufacturing and sales company based in Malappuram, Kerala. We have been serving quality products for our customers that are customized according to the necessity of the user. The company is established in 2005 in Manjeri, Kerala. At the beginning age, we used the material named “unnam” (A traditional wool-like material that was used to fill the bed) to make the beds. After years of service, we expanded our area of manufacturing with advanced equipment and technologies. MC Bed successfully delivered quality products to customers and the company is growing by its quality in services. The manufacturing was efficiently started by MC Bed in 2017 and now the company consists of more than 10+ own brands. Each and every bed of MC Bed is manufactured by our skilled workers for customer’s satisfaction. We provide customised beds that meet the customer requirements and expectations. We remain the best bed manufacturers in Malabar, Kerala by our quality in products and dedication to service. Every product of MC Bed is created by professionals to enhance the comfort and experience of the customer.

Our Mission

Manufacturing and delivering high-quality user pleasing beds is the mission of MC Bed. We deliver beds that meet customer expectations and deliver real comfort and feel. We also aim to deliver the best quality products at the best reasonable price.

Our vision

The vision of MC Bed is to manufacture and deliver customized beds for all our customers. Every customer is unique and their necessities are also unique, we manufacture unique beds for unique customers.


MC Bed manufactures the best quality beds according to the customer requirements and specifications. The customized beds are delivered for customer satisfaction. There are three types of beds created by MC Bed and they are:-

Normal Beds

MC Bed manufactures the normal type of bed that comprises no additional features but yet perfect for your healthy sleep. The normal beds are budget-friendly beds with an average height of 25-30 inches. These beds are having higher quality and are at affordable prices. MC Bed uses the following materials for manufacturing normal, euro top and pillow-top beds:-
Medicated mattress, Spring mattress, Memory foam mattress, Latex foam mattress, Coir mattress and Foam mattress

Pillowtop Beds

The pillow-top beds are beds with enhanced plushness and softness. This plushness is achieved by sewing an additional layer of padding on the top of the mattress. Materials like cotton, wool, down, fiberfill, memory foam, or latex foam are used in this additional layer to improve the plushness with long-lasting support to promote pain relief. These beds are suitable for every type of sleeper regardless of their sleeping positions. A sumptuously plush feel is created when you lie down on the pillow top mattresses that creates a feeling like napping on clouds.

Eurotop Beds

The Euro-tops beds are manufactured by stitching on the flush with the edge of the bed. As the stitching is not on the top, the top of the euro top mattresses appears more flatter and neatly piled. The sewing on the edge of the mattress results in firmness around the edges and more softening towards the centre of the bed. Euro top mattress is the perfect choice for you If you're looking for an extravagant experience. MC Bed uses a combination of soft and supportive material for making Euro top mattresses and that helps those who are struggling with any kind of back or neck pain.

Meet our team

Our architects and designers constantly and carefully monitor the environment, they accept and develop changes, research fashion and architectural, as well as sociological, changes and transform them into unique design.

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